viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

10 cities in the USA

Last week our language assistant Justin gave a presentation about ten important cities in the USA: Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas,Chicago,Los Angeles, and New york.

Sandra Lorente (3º ESO bilingual program ) wrote about it:

 The other day Justin talked to us about the major cities of the US and he told us about their population, which important places there are in each one, important events celebrated, and about football, basketball and baseball teams.
We had a good time and participated with Justin trying to guess the cities, important places, curiosities and teams. Sometimes the students were wrong guessing the cities because they were saying states but they said quite a lot of basketball teams right.One of the curiosities that we have learnt is that  70,2% of the population of Miami speak Spanish? Now you know where you can go to learn  English easily!

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